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Producer: Mette Matthiessen

Producer_Mette Matthiessen.jpg

In 2008, Mette started her career in the film industry, worked on a number of indie productions in London, primarily as runner, production assistant and assistant to producers, alongside holding a full time job as a group travel coordinator and participating in various training courses at Raindance and The Production Guild of Great Britain. In 2013, Mette returned to Denmark in order to focus solely on working in the film industry and in 2014, she started a two-year trainee position, working as assistant to producers at Nimbus Film. From January 2016, Mette continued at Nimbus Film as assistant producer / co-producer, taking responsibility for handling all minority co-productions at the company. Mette left Nimbus Film at the end of September 2017 and she is currently working as freelance producer.

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