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Director's statement

'Copenhagen Central Station' is a special film to me, both due to the fact that it was my film-debut, and to the fact that it was a surprise wedding anniversary gift for my parents' silver wedding in January 2017. I have modernized and adapted their first encounter for the screen, and the film is quite true to the original story with a few added artistic liberties. One of them being my little personal statement about the current public behavior of individual isolation through screens and devices, which stands in contrast to my parents' story. It was important for me to romanticize accidental romance and emphasize the importance of taking unorthodox chances in the public space.











The single "A Chance on Us" by Natasha Tyrimos

One of the most wonderful things about creating a film, is that it ignites a wave of other creations along with it. In the case of Copenhagen Central Station it is the gorgeous soundtrack created by Christos Andreou, and the lovely end-credit single created by Natasha Tyrimos. The single A Chance on Us is available on Spotify, Itunes and Soundcloud:

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