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How it all began

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Its history and goals

Astri Productions was founded in 2016 by Danish film maker Lina Csillag, and is an indie-film production company. Its goal is to produce entertaining storytelling with an awareness on philosopchial and societal issues and themes. It is run by engaged volunteer film makers with cinematic passions, and it is based in Copenhagen.

The creation of Astri Production came in connection with its first film Copenhagen Central Station depicting the romantic story of how the parents of Lina Csillag met. The original idea was to give a sweet creative little present for her parents, which turned into a 15 man set and a Kickstarter campaign to back it up. One little thought transformed into a grand reality, but nonetheless, the present was still a present, and therefore a secret. At the premiere for the film, disguised as a 2WW-war Brad Pitt-Blockbuster showing, Lina's parents got the shock of their lives, when they saw the revival of their meet cute played out by actors on the big screen. The reactions were captured in the cinema, and a short behind-the-story-movie is on its way.

Astri Productions' first short film Copenhagen Central Station was produced summer 2016, and was released on digital platforms summer 2017. ​

Second short film Happily Perfect was produced summer 2017, and more information regarding the online release is soon to come. 

The pre-production of the third short film Alan Isaac  is underway.


More information about the specific projects is to be found on their individual pages. 

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