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Alan isaac


Alan Isaac is the current project at Astri Productions that is under development. The film itself is set to be shot in late november 2018. 

The story is a near-future Sci-Fi set in 2029 about an experiment with the first ever humanoid AI, Alan Isaac, who is to incorporate all "the good" of humanity and hence be the perfect moral being. While having to choose what is right in every single situation, Alan has to pass a live Turing-test at the same time, i.e. passing as a convincing human being and keeping his identity secret. He is set out in civil society to learn by observation, besides being pre-programmed, where he meets the young woman Ocelle. She shows much interest in him, and he decides to go on a date with her due to his curiosity on this new terrain that is love and to prove he can pass an advanced Turing test. The problem arises when Ocelle gradually shows more and more feelings towards Alan on the date, and he is pressed to lie more and more to cover up who he is. It is as if something doesn't quite go along together; trying to be the perfect moral being while pretending to be human.

The film takes place before, during and after the date and is set to be a 15-minutes short. It is supported by the Filmworkshop of Copenhagen. 


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